3D Printer Bed Adhesion | Getting The First Layer To Stick

Most will agree that the first layer or two are the most important layers in the whole print when it comes to whether the print will be successful or a failure. The primary things you need to focus on are going to be bed leveling as well as bed adhesion. In this we will cover specifically bed adhesion.

There are lots different types of filaments as well as many preferred methods of bed adhesion but these are the ones that have worked for me. We will be looking specifically at ABS and PLA which as of right now are still the most common materials used to print in the consumer 3d printer industry.

For PLA we have two options that I have played with. One extremely common one that is used by many is using blue painters tape. There are lots of different types of blue painters tape but I find that the ones that have a little bit of texture work the best. I picked up one roll that was as smooth as the glass build area and the print would not stick at all so make sure it has some for of texture that the print will be able to latch on to.


The reason why I stopped using painters tape was because I was getting frustrated with the paint sticking the print when I removed it. If you bed is perfectly leveled it should not stick on to much but just the slightest unleveling and you will either have to sand off the bottom or deal with having a bluish paper on the print. This is also not as big of a deal if it is a print that will only be one direction and the blue is on the bottom, but for prints like props where its on the face it can look really ugly.

I know print just about the exact same way for PLA and ABS. I use Hairspray. Simple as that, and it works fantastically. Not a specific one, just something with a strong hold that is non scented. I tyically apply maybe 2-3 light layers every few prints and I rarely have any issues with bowing or curling of my prints.


For PLA I will either use no heated bed with the hairspray or something very low like 40-50C and for ABA I turn it up a but hotter with anywhere from 70-90C. This is what works for me and I can recommend these to others. There are lots of other creams, gels, and platforms that are made for better adhesion but I see no need in spending the money on them when this is such a simple solution.

You will want to clean the build platform when you see the hairspray starts to build up. I will create a thick layer over time that will not stick anymore so be sure to wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol and reapply! I do recommend you giving some of the other methods out there a try to to see what works best for you. For those who do not use these methods, what are you preferred ways of getting proper bed adhesion?

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