3d Printer Maintenance! | Oiling The Smooth Rods

If you want to have any sort of longevity out of your 3d printer it is very important that you take some steps to maintain it. After all, it is a machine that is constantly using motors, gears, and electronics to move in every direction while heating up to extrude filament.

The first time I decided to look into oiling the smooth rods on my printer was actually when I noticed my DaVinci 3d printer was struggling to move once it got to a certain part on the X-Axis. After closer inspection I noticed some build up as well as sticky spots on the smooth rods.

So, I did what I am sure many of you have done when something isn’t working…I Googled it. After reading through various Reddit posts, as well as forum topics, I came to the conclusion that there was no one thing that was correct for this. I found people using, oils, greases, sprays etc.


One thing I did see consistently was many people using white lithium grease. I ended up going over to Amazon and after a couple of searches I had ordered a tube of Lucas Oil White Lithium Grease. It showed up a couple of days later and I was shocked based off the picture I thought it was a small tube, but I was so wrong!

I am sure just like my research showed, there truly are many different types of oils and greases you can use for your 3d printer. If you are happy with whatever you are using and it is working then great, but if you are not currently using anything or are looking for something to try out I can highly recommend the lithium grease I listed above.

Just make sure you only apply a tiny bit to your fingers and rub it on. You do not want to overdo it or you will make a mess and might actually do more harm than good! I ended up making a video covering the topic so if you want to see a visual check out the video below to actually see me applying the grease.

What methods are you guys using to make sure your smooth rods stay lubricated over time?

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