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3d Printer | Is A DIY 3d Printer Kit The Right Choice?

To Build Or Not To Build

When purchasing a 3d printer you can get them in one of two flavors, assembled or a DIY 3d printer kit. Some models are available in both forms, while other are either built or kit only. There are many things to consider when deciding whether you want to go with a kit or save yourself some time and trouble by purchasing a pre-assembled.

For starters, there is cost. On the models that come in both options it is going to save you usually a couple of hundred dollars to build it versus having it arrive complete. That in itself is a good enough reason for many to go with the kitted version. I know I would choose a kit over a pre-built for this reason if it came down to it.

DIY 3d Printer Kit

If it is your first 3d printer and you do not have any previous experience messing with one of these machine I think you are probably better off going with a complete unit. There is already so much to learn with how to print correctly, and the software that saving yourself the headache and 5-10 hours is just worth it.

However, if it is your second printer, or you think you have the knowledge then a kit is an awesome way to go. I strongly recommend checking out some other builds on YouTube to see what it all take as well as look at the instructions online for the machine you are considering to see that it is indeed feasible.

Pre-built 3d printer

The Blood, Sweat, & Tears Are Worth It!

The amount of knowledge you gain, pride, and understanding in your built machine is just unreal. Plus with enough upgrades, mods, and calibration you can turn your $250 dollar kit into a machine that can print as good if not better than one that cost one or two thousand dollars.

Since I have built 3 kits I now am fine with going either way, kit or prebuilt. I enjoy both, but I do feel there is much less room for upgrades with most of the prebuilt systems, which is something I really enjoy doing. The bottom line is that a DIY 3d printer kit are not for everyone but if you are a DIY kind of person it can be a very rewarding process!

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