Are Chinese 3d Printer Kits Worth It?


One thing that has been driving me crazy for quite some time is the amount of hate that Chinese 3d printer kits get. I see them constantly bagged on in Reddit as well as a handful of other forums. The part that irritates me the most is that most of the hate and accusations  that are being said or used against these 3d printers are more often than not false and being made by people who have never even owned a China kit. So I decided to speak up and at least share my experience with them since I have now built and used a few of these kits.

My experience is that they are not bad at all and actually I would much rather get a 180 dollar China kit than an over priced 1000 dollar machine any day of the week. Many of these China kits are made of many of the same parts as these much more expensive 3d printers. Granted you cannot expect the same quality from the cheap printer but with some tlc you can get these printers printing damn close if not even equally to these more expensive printers.

Most of the upgrades that need to be done to these China 3d printers are not even that major and nearly all can be done by just 3d printing out some braces and adapters. I was overwhelmed by the amount of feedback I got from the community and I was relieved to see that I was not the only one who actually had quite positive experiences with these China printers.

For those of you that have owned, what has your experience been like?

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