Tronxy X3 3d Printer

Assembling The Tronxy X3 3d Priner Kit

I assembled most of the Tronxy X3 3d Printer kit on my YouTube channel, but decided to put this page together with the live streams for reference along with any additional information or valuable info I think needs to be added.

This is in no way meant to be a how to as my streams where very relaxed and off topic often but more of an archive of information on things I do with this printer.

To find out more or purchase the Tronxy X3:

One of the most frustrating parts about this build was that the hardware (screws, nuts, etc.) do not come labeled. They all come packaged in one bag. If you want to save a lot of time and headache I do recommend using an ice cube tray or something similar to separate the screws before even attempting the build. If you have another 3d printer you can use something like this:

Screw Tray Organizer

One other thing I have not liked about the build is the pictures in the guide are all computer generated and some of them do not look quite like the real life version of them. This was not to much of a problem until I went to assemble the electronics box in the part 3 live stream. I ended up finishing the stream out of frustration after assembling it wrong a few times.

Part 1: Assembling Frame

Part 2: Assembling Frame

Part 3: Electronics Box

In this part I did the wiring off stream after this video.

Part 4: Will be the final part of the assembly where I will hook it up to my computer and run a test print or two. I will post additional info on this printer after some usage such as a review and any upgrades I end up using or recommending.

I am looking forward to printing. Aside from the build complaints it really was not that bad of an experience assembling in comparison to some of the other printers I have built. If you have any questions on this printer or the build let me know!

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