BIQU Magician $200 Delta 3D Printer Review

The BIQU Magician is a completely preassembled Delta style 3D Printer that I got in to review about a month ago. Prior to the company contacting me I had never heard of BIQU or the Magician Mini Delta 3D Printer but after doing some digging on the web and seeing what it promised I was extremely excited to get it in. The only other tiny Delta that I could think of was the MonoPrice Mini Delta but this machine is something completely different.

Out of what it offered the few things that stood out to me where that it was pre built, the price was only $200, it had a touch screen with SD card reader, an on and off switch, was super small form factor, and had auto bed leveling. I did not know what to expect and have had my fair share of disappointments with products that promise a lot on paper but fail to come through in actual performance and use. Due to this, I went into this review with no real expectations other than to see whether this printer could walk the walk.

I unboxed the Magician on stream which came in an awesome cylindrical box that just looked like fun. Once I popped off the lid of the box I pulled the printer out which was wrapped up extremely nicely for shipping. I had to cut a few zip ties and unravel some shipping wrap that was used to keep the printer from moving while being transported. Inside of the printer was a few packages. One had the power supply and the other came with a bunch of goodies including filament, tools, and replacement parts.

I then powered on the machine and was greeted by a nice LCD screen that was very easy to navigate and it even came with a paper setup manual. I was not sure if the printer came leveled or not so I went ahead and leveled it which took a little bit to figure out. The bed level attached onto the nozzle which then goes down and touches points on the bed which the printer keeps in memory for future prints. You then remove the auto level addon and according to the instructions will not need to level again since the bed is not adjustable and is stuck in place. I do recommend holding onto the level probe if you ever do need to level it again after transporting the printer.

The print bed prints on a really strange plastic flexible bed. I have never seen anything like it at all but boy does it work pretty well. I printed one of the test files that came on the included SD card which was of the Maker Faire robot and it turned out great. When the print is done you pop off the flexible bed and push the print off from the bottom. Then the bed just sticks back onto the bottom of the frame and is ready to be printed on again. I was concerned that the adhesive would lose its stickiness but this has not happened at all yet and replacement beds are available for only 5 dollars.

This BIQU Magician does not have a heated bed so it is a PLA only machine which has not been an issue for me at all and I think for someone starting out this should not be a reason to not get it. The Magician has a total of three fans that cool both the hotend and the print which is insane and fantastic for layer cooling on your PLA parts. It uses a short bowden tube and what looks to me to be some sort of titan extruder clone. The printer has a build volume of 100mm by 150mm so nothing huge but still enough to have fun on and get some really cool prints.

I did not open the printer up but it does say it has a 32 bit board inside of it. The printer ships with a version of Cura that has been configured for the Magician and works very well for it. I printed many different prints including vases in vase mode and a few different character models and was extremely impressed with the results I was got. I did have a few issues with the extruder stopping extruding on one or two of my prints but after adjusting the extruder tension screw this has not happened again.

If you can’t already tell, I like this printer ALOT. My biggest gripe with it is that it is quite loud and is right next to my bed so it is not something I like to run when trying to sleep. I am not sure if the drivers are embedded in the board or replaceable, if they are replaceable you could swap in some quieter drivers. The touch screen is very responsive and makes it very easy to print with it untethered via the included 2GB SD card and the external PSU helps with keeping heat away from the mainboard itself.

My experience with this printer has been extremely pleasant from initial unboxing to printing on it time and time again. I may have not heard of BIQU or the Magician Delta before getting one in but I am completely psyched on it now. If you are interested in getting a ready to rock small form factor printer or just want to add another small printer to your lineup at around $200 the BIQU Magician definitely gets my approval.

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