Bobs CNC Prusa I3 3d Printer Transformation Update 1

Since the start of talking about this mod, we have made some huge progress in actually accomplishing what we set out to do. To start off I ran into issues using the x axis that I had originally planned to use. The reason being is that the model I found on thingiverse works for  a prusa i3 or really any 3d printer that uses vertical smooth rails on the x-axis and has a 50mm space between the smooth rods. BobsCNC has it set up where the smooth rods for the x axis are actually horizontal. Not only that, on the z axis on most prusa i3 units nearly all, the spiral rod is on the inside and the smooth rod is on the outside but on BobsCNC it is reversed, meaning the spiral rod is outside and the smooth rod is on the inside of the z axis.


All this meant for me was that I was on my own and I would not be able to use a 3d model that already existed for this 3d printer, and that I would have to model my own. I decided to start with the x axis and I modeled the left and right side in 360 fusion. I pretty much kept the same exact model as what was already their but modeled them to print out of plastic replacing the wood parts that where there. The primary difference I made was to add a large hole and screws holes for the lead screw nut that would be replacing the threaded rods that where there prior.


On the right side of the x axis, I made it about half the size. It was only large before to allow the stepper motor to sit there for the bowden setup and since I am going to be installing a direct drive system on the 3d printer I did not need the right side of the x axis to be so large. I then went ahead and connected everything and it fit very well. I was thrilled! The only thing I had to modify was the holes I made through the x axis for the z smooth rods had to be drilled a hair bigger than I had modeled them.



Then the truly though part for me, modeling the x carriage and the extruder mount. So far I have designed the bottom part of the carriage that sits all of the lm8uu style bearings, after my first print I got to see all fit perfectly so now I am moving on to designing the attachment for the belt on the x carriage and then will begin working on the extruder mount! Very excited to hopefully see this printer alive in the next week here. Calibration will take some more time I am sure and the edits to the marlin firmware will take some time to perfect but I am very optimistic!p1050101

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