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China Kit 3d Printer Starts Fire In House

It has been a while since I have been on the reddit for 3d printing compared to how often I used to binge browse every night but I took a look at it yesterday and saw a post on the homepage that was quite shocking that I felt needed to be shared. I had talked about many cases of people claiming that cheap china printers were causing fires with the anet a8 being a specific target. In that video I talked about how I felt many of the cases where made up or exaggerated and that it was more likely just a mosfet burning out or a plug melting.

Today someone actually posted a picture of the remains of a fire that was caused in a home from their anet a8 3d printer. Now I am not making this to try to make 3d printers seem bad or dangerous but this happened sadly, and it can happen again. I do not know what the circumstances where as to whether it was the psu or something related to the board failing and frying. I always recommend with cheap kit printers to upgrade the psu as well as make sure wiring is right and even adding a separate mosfet board for the heat bed. Here are some tips on how to make you kit printer safer. 

This is something that can happen with any machine or printer even one from a reputable seller that is actually manufactured and considered a trusted brand. It is never recommended to leave your printer running when you are not home or to run while you are sleeping. If you must leave the printer running while you are gone then you should have a camera monitoring it and if you can implement a kill switch that can be remotely triggered if something malfunctions. This is just one case, and it could be caused by neglect or an environmental factor but safety is extremely important and the person who had this happen is lucky that the fire was not worse or no persons were injured.

It is a little scary that this is something that can happen and most consumers do not have to worry whether their toaster or microwave is going to catch fire, but then again they are not assembled themselves. I think if nothing else I will take this and hope you take this as a reminder of what can happen. I know I have gotten comfortable with running long prints on machines without being around and would be devastated if something like this happened. What are your thoughts on this?

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