Anet A8

Finally Picked Up An Anet A8 3d Printer

Could Not Resist

Well, I finally pulled the trigger. I have been going back and forth for a while between a couple of potential printers after getting the Monoprice mini a few weeks ago and last night purchased the Anet A8 3d printer off of Ebay for $165. I have a ton of huge plans for my Anet A8 and I cannot wait to get started.

The whole build process of the Anet A8 and turn it into a pretty large (15 or so parts) videos series. Normally when I do kit builds I live stream the whole process, which is a lot of fun but nearly as useful for others to attempt to follow later on. The Anet A8 is definitely not the easiest printer for a beginner to get with little to know experience with 3d printers so I think the video series will be extremely beneficial.

To start out, I will assemble the Anet A8 the way it is intended to be assembled, completely stock. I am only going to do this for those who want to build it just the way it is. Upon completion it will be customized and modded like crazy. The plan is to share all of this on my YouTube channel as well as organize it a little nicer on here to make it easier to reference when building or customizing.

The mods I plan on doing to the Anet A8:

  • e3d hotend upgrade
  • cooling fan upgrade
  • auto bed level senor
  • belt tensioners
  • frame securing brackets
  • complete board swap to ramps and arduino setup with Marlin firmware
  • additional fans
  • upgrading mosfet/seperate mosfet board.
  • glass build plate

These are the few upgrades that come to mind right now, the goal is to have this cheap printer printing as good as any other printer can.

I am hoping the Anet A8 3d printer will arrive sometime in the next few days so that I can get started right away. It will be a long ongoing process for at least a month or two I am sure.

What upgrades are you planning on doing to your Anet A8 or A6?

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