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Massive Light House Quality Test On The JGAurora A5 3d Printer

This past week I printed the largest single print that I have ever printed to date on the JGAurora A5. I was extremely nervous because I had never 3d printed anything of this scale and also because I had only printed a tiny little cat test print on the JGAuror A5 before jumping into this monster 300mm x 300mm x 310mm print. Cura said the print was going to take roughly 40 hours but it ended up being almost 50 hours.

The settings I used for the print:

.3 layer height

.9 shell

Size 300%

15% infill

70mm/s print speed

Bed temp 55C

Extruder temp 205C

It was printed in all white PLA but 3 separate spools. I wanted to use up a bunch of almost empty white PLA spools that I had laying around but after using two small spools I ended up just throwing a full kg spool of plastic on the printer. Switching plastic was a breeze. The JGAurora A5 has a filament run out sensor but also has a quick button that allows you to quickly swap out filaments very quickly while printing any model which is very convenient. The reason why I decided not to use more small spools was because I noticed the whites where not all of the same and I did not want the print to have different tones of white in the completed model.

It was a rough couple of days trying to sleep with the JGAurora running along with the shutter of the camera and the light but the print turned out awesome. The print came off very easily using just a little flat shim tool and had a very nice first layer.

Originally I had planned on keeping the whole print white but I ended up masking and spray painting the rocks with a dark gray. I did not over do it on the pain because the white on the edges of the rocks looked very cool and sort of added the rocky look I was going for. Lastly I painted the cap of the lighthouse bright red to give it some pop, threw an LED tealight candle inside and called it a day!

Here is the finished product, what do you guys think?

Here is a link to the model if you want to print one for yourself:


To find out more about the JGAurora A5 or purchase one:


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