My Biggest 3d Printing Mod & Upgrade Project Yet Monster Prusa i3

I am very excited and a bit nervous for this huge project that I am going to start over the next week/weeks here. I am going to be upgrading my RP9v2 3d printer from  BobsCNC to something much different. So far the only mods I have actually done are to convert it from using its fishing string belt/pulley system to using the much more common GT2 belts. Along with that I went ahead and added LED strips along with a switch that allows me to power the machine on and off along with turn the LEDs on and off.

I like this printer I really do. I will say that a major reason I like it is because its made from a CNC machine out of birch wood and is a very unique 3d printer, but I am not to thrilled with the quality I have been getting. It is not bad, but not great either.


Now let us get onto the upgrades I have in store!

For starters I am going to add a hotbed to it. Right now it can only print PLA since it does not have a hotbed, which is fine but I have started printing PLA even with a hotbed on low temps on my other machines and am getting way better results with layer bonding and adhesion to the bed (no more curling yay!). So of course along with this I will have to upgrade the PSU since this one does not have enough watts to support the heated bed. (I plan on using an ATX power supply I have laying around.)

Next I am going to completely get rid of the X-Axis setup that it has. Both the left side the right side and the extruder assembly. I am going to be upgrading it to this complete setup I found on thingiverse:


Along with that I will be doing a lead screw conversion to replace my smooth rods. This will be my first time installing lead screws over the much more common threaded rods so I am am extremely excited to see how that turns out.

Lastly, I will be converting it from a bowden setup to a direct drive setup using either Wade’s setup or the tornado extruder. This really just depends on how much I want to spend. With this I will be adding a bed leveling proximity sensor which will also be a first for me. I am hoping for the best but am sure there will be hiccups and I will have to do quite a lot of troubleshooting and calibrating to initially get it going but if it works how it should then this machine should be a beast when I am done with it.


I will do my best to update both on here and on YouTube as I progress with this project!


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