Monoprice mini delta

New Monoprice Mini Delta In Production!

It has been a while since I have talked about the Monoprice 3d Printers. It was announced at CES earlier in the year that they where going to be making a version two of the popular Monoprice Select Mini that we all love and this is available now on Monoprice’s website:

They are going in and out of stock so you may have to be patient!

One of the other printers that myself and others have been excited about is their new Monoprice Mini Delta printer that was said to be sub 200 dollars and fully assembled. It was quite a while without much information on it but the secrets out and the printer is now available for preorder through backing on indiegogo. You can secure your preorder here:

Although I have no preordered one I do hope to be getting one in for review when they are more readily available.

This thing looks awesome and features an open filament setup meaning no proprietary filament needs to be used! This is a must for me and means you can use whatever 1.75 filament brand you prefer. Thanks to the heated bed it can be used with PLA, ABS and most other filaments.

It is ready to print right out of the box and from its built in autobed leveling you wont even have to adjust the bed to get ready to print.

I am hoping that this printer is as much of a success as the Mini we have all loved with great quality and a large community contributing at a price we all love.

Are you guys planning on picking one up? What are your thoughts on this new addition to the MP family?

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