rick and morty 3d printed

Printing Miniatures With The JGAurora A5 3d Printer Quality Test

I got a JGAurora about a month ago now and have done a a fair amount of printing with the 3d printer. I have printed “normal” sized items along with a massive 50 hour print that test the printers total build volume to see if I got any z wobble or had any issues with the print. I was blown away by the results from this budget printer that took me 15 minutes to set up. If you are interested in seeing the large print I did I made a post on it here.

After doing these prints I was curious and thought it would be fun to see how a large printer like this that I already knew could print normal and large prints well could print very tiny miniature prints. Now I have never heard that large printers could not print small this was more of a curiosity for me since I really have not had to many large printers like the JGAurora A5. So I went ahead and live streamed and let some of the stream viewers pick out what we would print.

The stream was  a blast, but the mini prints did take much longer than I had initially anticipated due to me using .1 layer height and slowing down the speed of the print quite heavily to give the printer even the slightest of chance to succeed.

I will say, that the prints I ended up printing where even smaller than what I had originally planned and I NEVER actually print things this small on my machines so it was more of a weird torture test I suppose.

The first print I made was a tiny Rick from Rick and Morty. I was very impressed with the results on this piece as the only parts that did not turn out well was the fingers (that where microscopic) and parts that clearly needed some support to keep them from drooping.

rick and morty 3d printed

The next part that I printed was something similar to a benchy boat but MUCH harder. It had a ton of very fine small details that would have been extremely difficult to print even at a normal benchy size. I anticipated this would not turn out to well and… well I was right. This was very fun and my end result is that yes the JGAurora can print very small no problem but it is still a machine and is limited by its hardware. I am sure with better cooling and even slower speeds I could have attained better results on the benchy boat.

I will be working on a final review of this machine in the next week or so here so be sure to look for that!

To find out more or purchase the JGAurora A5 follow the link below:

To find out more about the JGAurora A5 or purchase one:


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