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Revisiting Skynet For Anet 3d Printers

Link to Anet A8

Link To Sensor I Used

Link to version with files I recommend

Link to my X carriage used on my A8

This is going to be my last post on Skynet firmware. I will be talking briefly about Skynet firmware for Anet printers in a video but that will be the end of it. The only reason I am bringing the topic up again is because I had to revisit my Anet A8 recently to correct an issue I had with my auto level sensor that I had installed. When I initially set it up. I did not have the sensor close enough to the nozzle. This resulted in some inaccurate readings when probing along with the first layer not being quite close enough to the bed.

I sort of ignored the issue for the past month but decided that it was becoming a real problem. On top of that I never set up the bed correctly meaning that when in my slicer software I had an item in the center of the bed, it would print at the â…” part. Silly unorganized me, when I went to edit the file in Arduino I discovered that I had no idea what I had done with it. Great. So I proceeded to start with a fresh copy of Skynet. This is when I ran into problems, and is why I am making another post.

The main problem that I have with Skynet is actually not Skynet, but arduino having problems with flashing the board. If I download the Arduino IDE from the official website it does not have Anet under board options. I have tried many times to install the board by adding the files under hardware but even when I get it to show up Anet 1.0 under boards it will not upload or compile correctly. If you download certain versions of Skynet from the official Facebook group they will come with a version of Arduino that has Anet already Pre installed and working correctly.

I STRONGLY recommend you go with this version to save you the headache. Seriously I spent hours downloading different versions of arduino and skynet just to get nowhere. I will go ahead and upload the latest version of Skynet that comes bundled with the pre configured Arduino IDE. It is not the latest build but the best I could find and better than my original tutorial which was for a beta version of Skynet that may not have been quite as stable or feature rich.

The awesome thing about this version is that when you download it you will have a bunch of options for your configuration.h file that are pre configured. There are versions for Anet A8, as well as A6 and maybe even A2. They have files for whether you have a sensor, or stock hot end which will make configuration on your end very simple. The only things that you should have to really do are to edit the starting position of the bed on the x, and y axis. Along with the offset of your Z probe from the nozzle tip.

Hopefully this will make some sense if you would like me to make a video like I did on the original beta please let me know and I will try to make it happen.

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    1. I am going to try to get the video done tonight. If i get it done tonight I will post it on here as a separate post!

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