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Tronxy X3 3d Printer Kit Review

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Today we are going to be reviewing the Tronxy x3 kit printer that was sent to me from gearbest. I was extremely excited to receive this printer due to the fact that it had an aluminum frame, and a large build volume at 220x220x300. I have mostly dealt with acrylic framed china kit printers so to get one made of aluminum was refreshing. I assembled this 3d printer on stream and it went pretty well up until the electronics housing box.  The PDF that came with the printer seemed to be of a different version of the printer and the computer generated images for assembly where unclear. This is quite standard with china kit printers but this one was definitely trying my patience upon assembly. Once I did manage to get it assembled, everything else was fairly strait forward. I l leveled the bed and did a bit of tweaking on the extruder stepper motor and it was off to printing. One of the main things I want to talk about with this printer is its build. It has an extremely strong frame, and once assembled you do not have to worry about it and if you need to move it the unit is solid.

It uses two lead screws to life the extruder up the z axis which is always nice to see. This printer uses bearing similar to skateboard bearing to move on all of the axis which I have never seen before but seems to work quite effectively. The hotend is an all metal type so you will be able to use lots of filament types but it does have a bowden setup so you may struggle with extremely flexible filaments. The heated bed had no problems heating up and if you do plan on printing with abs or filaments that do require a high temperature bed and enclosure will help it reach those temperatures much quicker. All of the electronics are housed in an acrylic box beside the printer which I showed off in my update video on the printer. This does make the printer look extremely neat but it does mean the the printer takes up a lot more space. There is an upgrade I highly recommend that gives the printer legs allowing you to fit this control box underneath the printer. The control box does feature an LCD screen so you can print directly from a micro sd card or hook it up through USB to you computer for tethered printing. With its large build size you can definitely print a huge variety of things on this machine and its open form factor allows for trouble shooting as well as easy viewing on your prints progress.

The Tronxy x3 has an aluminum bed which would allow you to install and auto bed level sensor fairly easy as well. As far as the print quality on this machine is pretty good as well I printed quite a few cubes when I was testing the extruder along with some other prints and the quality was definitely comparable to my other machines. There are a couple of things that I do think should be done with this machine as far as upgrades go. For starters I would add a layer cooling fan, especially if you plan on printing something like pla. You will get much better results and quality with that active cooling. I also would add some belt tensions to the x and y axis to make tightening and adjusting much easier. Lastly, like I recommend with nearly all printers would be to add a mosfet for the heated bed just for that added layer of safety and peace of mind. This machine goes from anywhere between 190 to 250 depending on sales and for the price it really is an impressive machine. If you do plan on getting this as your first printer, make sure to label the screws and take the build slow. It may be tedious but if you do things correctly you should only have to build it once. 

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