Upgrading Monoprice Select Mini Hot End To E3d Style Hot End


I love my MonoPrice Maker Select Mini, and have had it printing almost non stop since I picked it up without any problems a few weeks ago. The one underlying issue I was having though was the overall strength of my prints. I could not figure it out the quality was amazing but the prints where not coming out as strong as on my other 3d printer. So I decided to go ahead and upgrade the hot end on the 3d printer to see if that would make the difference.

I decided to live stream the whole event because I thought for one it would be fun to accomplish this with others and also so others could see the process and what it really takes to upgrade. I will say it ended up taking an eternity. The stream was about four and a half hours but in the end we successfully did it. It could have been a lot quicker if it had not been live streamed and if I had focused more but it did take some serious time.

The main issues where screws not fitting in where they where supposed to, as well as me having a hell of a difficult time trying to get the belt back on the belt tensioner once I had taken it off. This led me to having to use screws that where not supposed to be needed but again in the end it worked beautifully and after the last week of printing on it I can say it greatly improved the strength and quality of my prints.

Here is a link to the file I used and printed on thingiverse to upgrade the hot end:


Huge thank you to USWaterRockets for creating this awesome file.

I printed it on the Mini at .1 layer height and 100 percent infill. It took forever but turned out great and pretty air tight which is good for the layer cooling fan.

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