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Wood Filament 3d Printing Project | PNG To SVG


This is the wood PLA I use and recommend The price is fair and the quality is great.

This week I did a fun little project and made my dad a bookmark for his birthday. He loves reading books and I thought it would be a fun and clever way to use my 3d printer to make him a custom bookmark. I knew right away that I wanted to make the primary part of the bookmark a tiki man so I set out online to find a picture close to one I wanted. I then imported the picture into photoshop where I edited it and cleaned it up to make it easier to be converted into an SVG. I also added a monkey to the top of the bookmark covering his mouth (meant to almost say be quiet I am reading).

Once happy with the image I uploaded it to an online png to svg converter I have used many times in the past. There are plenty of other ways to do this, I have used illustrated in the past. However, this online tool is simple and great almost always giving me an output I am happy with. Once converted I imported the file into 360 Fusion where I extruded it to make it 3d dimensional. I did a pit of cleaning up and added the date of my dad’s birthday to the back of it.

Then I sent it over to my slicer and uploaded it to my printer for printing. The first print turned out nice but was way to thick to be used as a bookmark (my dimensions where way off). So I went ahead and scaled the height down by 50 percent and proceeded to reprint. I was relatively happy with the end result, but if I had more time I would have made the layers smaller to get as little more detail along with using some fine grit sand paper to clean it up more.

When it came to staining, I just used some wood stain that I had picked up from Home Depot a while back. Normally, when I stain something I use a brush and apply a few light layers until I am happy with the result. This time, I had no brush available so I used a cloth that I dipped in the stain. The result was me needing only one coat of stain as it was much thicker and darker than when using a brush. In the end I was fairly happy with the results I achieved and my dad was stoked on his bookmark!

silly family

All in all a successful little project.

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