Sunday, February 16, 2020


I purchased my first 3d printer almost four years ago now. It was the XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0 and I got it as a gift for myself for Christmas after seeing it on sale at New Egg. Up until that point I had never seen a 3d printer other than online. I believe I was first exposed to them through Barnacules Nerdgasm’s YouTube channel. Like many of you I am sure, the idea of being able to print something physical that you could actually hold was mind blowing to me (heck still is). At the time, I had wanted to pick one up but due to lack of knowledge as well as thinking they were way out of my price range I had held off.

Then one day, I was over at my best friend’s house when his roommate who is also a major electronics nerd called me into his room to show me a box. This box contained the DaVinci 1.0. I was extremely excited and a little jealous at the sight. He had planned on using it to design and create custom gear for his gimbal (he was a videographer). That moment was pretty much icing on the cake and I decided I wanted to get the same one as him so that we could learn together and help each other out with troubleshooting.

After the first printer I was hooked and I now have a room full of printers and am constantly reviewing the latest kits and budget 3d printers on the market. Consumer 3d printers, at least up until this point are currently very customizable. Meaning, you buy it one way and there are a thousand ways to upgrade and tweak parts until you are happy with your print quality and its functionality. This is what peaks my interest, that combined with the insane amount of printers that keep popping up and the better and better quality these consumer grade printers are pushing out.

I cannot say I am a “pro,” I do not have a fancy degree in engineering nor do I know everything about all 3d printers. However, I am an extremely passionate hobbyist with a ton of hours printing, modeling, upgrading, crying, and tweaking my printers. I love discussing my stories, reviews, thoughts, rants, and tutorials and I hope that you enjoy them to!

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