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Tutorial Install Astroprint To Raspberry Pi For 3d Printer With Optional Camera

In this video tutorial I show you how to install astroprint onto a raspberry pi. Any version will work but I used a raspberry pi 3 in the video. I also show you how to add an optional raspberry pi camera if you want to be able to wireless monitor your 3d prints and printer when you are away along with setting up time lapse shots.

For this you will need:

Raspberry Pi 

Wifi Adapter (must use specific one to avoid compatibility errors)

Micro SD card

Pi Camera (optional)

To start you will need to download the latest astroprint image which can be found here. (make sure to download the version that is for raspberry pi)

Once downloaded you will need to extract the image to get the astroprint image file.

Next you will need to download which is a software that we will use to write the image to our micro sd card. Simply insert your micros sd card into your computer open the software choose the astroprint image file and write to it.

Once completed take you micro sd card, wifi adapter, power cable, 3d printer, and optional camera and plug it all into the raspberry pi.

You will need to wait a few minutes and then connect to the pi from a computer or laptop.  You will simply click on your wifi list and the astrobox will popup as a network. (it creates a hotspot)

Once you have connected to the astrobox through wifi open you browser and navigate to once you enter that in it will take you to the astroprint setup page. From this point you have completed the install and will just need to follow the on screen prompts.

When you have finished go under settings for the astrobox and see what its ip is. That way you can connect back to your wifi on your computer like normal and still navigate to the astrobox by using the ip that it was assigned when you installed everything.

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