3D Printed Pokemon Jigglypuff Stress Ball | Best Flexible Filament

Since purchasing my Sainsmart TPU flexible filament I have primarily only used it to print flexible buttons for handheld devices so I decided to step it up and do a bigger print.

I got the idea of doing a flexible Jigglypuff stress ball that I thought would be a lot of fun because it was geeky and to me something useful.

For my settings I printed it using 10% infill with the hotend set to 250C and the bed temperature set to 40C and off it went.

Overall I am very happy of the quality of the print. I screwed up by removing it to quickly which cause a slight dip in the roof of the Jigglypuffs head but other than that it was near perfect.

I would say all in all it was a success however, it does not work to well as a stress ball. The reason being that it doesn’t have that soft feel that you expect from a stress ball.

On Jigglypuffs back it is pretty soft and can work but the eyes and ears are still a bit to solid to be squeezed.

All in all, a fun project and if you want to print one I will place a link to the item in the bottom!

Link to where you can download the Jigglypuff model:


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