Get Your Turkey On! | Thanksgiving 3d Model Favorites

In honor of Thanksgiving, I decided it was only appropriate to post some of my favorite Thanksgiving models for you! If you see a model you like simply click on it and it will take you to its page over on Thingiverse!

Turkey Napkin Ring by Notin

To start it off we have this turkey napkin ring uploaded by Notin. It is a relatively simple model and will be a quick print but I love it and think it will add a nice touch to any Thanksgiving feast.


Turkey on a Plate by BartW

Next up is another turkey model. This one is definitely more detailed and will take a little more time to print, but I think it would look amazing sitting in the middle of the table at your Thanksgiving feast! The model prints on a “plate” which looks more like a cutting board to me, but it is supposed to help the model stay in place and not shift while printing.


Pilgrim Hat Napkin Ring by Plasticman1

Maybe you are looking for something other than turkeys. Well then this one is for you! Another napkin holder but this time we have a simple pilgrim hat. Another simple print, I recommend printing it at a pretty thin layer height so you make sure you get any detail from the buckle.


Thanksgiving Wine Charm by Cfmccormick

For the last item on this list we have wine charms. If your family likes to drink wine as much as mine does then these are great little prints to add an extra little something to your Thanksgiving decor!


This wraps up our list of 3d printable favorites for your Thanksgiving feast! What do you guys think? Any other favorites of yours? Leave a comment below!

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