BobsCNC RP9v2 3d Printer Review

It must be stated, that this printer is very unique. Sure it is a standard Prusa I3 style printer, but it is a pretty special one at that. Created by Bob from Bob’sCNC the machine is completely milled out of wood strait from Bob’s house. That in itself makes this printer pretty awesome if you ask me. I personally am a huge supporter of the DIY guys that are contributing to the scene and this machine is exactly that.

It is available in only a DIY kit version, but I can say that it is a pretty simple build compared to a few other machines that I have assembled. It has a great PDF and on top of that Bob is easy to get in contact with if you have any assembly questions.


Now lets take a look at the overall structure and frame of this printer. As stated, it is primarily cut from Birch wood; the main frame, the extruder assembly, and the bed platform. Once it is all assembled it is pretty sturdy, I have had no issues with any bowing or anything of that nature. It has your standard 200mm x 200mm x 200mm build area.

This machine does not include a heated bed, so it is primarily going to be a PLA printing machine. However, I did contact Bob and he did tell me that you could easily add a heated bed on top of the Birch frame without any issues. It has a bowden style extruder, which was actually my first experience with this style of extruder setup. Based off the reprap Prusa I3 style design, it has you standard ramps/arduino combo setup.

As far as print quality I was actually very impressed. I did have some issues with z wobble as well as originally getting the bed level. I ended up slightly modifying it to have adjustable screw with springs which made a world of a difference. Once I got my temperatures dialed in this thing began printing like a champ. Here is a few quality test prints I ran on the machine:

My only gripe really with this machine was the belts or belt mechanism. This 3d printer using a strong fishing line to move back and forth, which I though was pretty innovative and do not get me wrong it does work. However, I had issued with it coming off of its pulley and it was a huge pain to get situated again. So I modified it to use your much more standard GT2 belt and am happy with the end result.

To conclude, I do not think this is a good starter printer for someone looking to get into 3d printing, but if you are like me and like having different styles of machines this is a very unique one to add to your lineup. Another cool feature about the Birch would is that you can easily paint or stain the wood to give this printer a huge range of even more unique looks than it already has!

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