Folgertech’s Prusa I3 2020 Aluminum 3d Printer Review

Before getting into the review I do want to make it known that this is a kit only printer meaning you have to assemble it yourself. I may make a separate post on my experience with the build but this review will be based off of the final product and not the build!

Moving onward, the Prusa I3 3d printer from Folgertech came in two flavors at the time, an acrylic frame and an aluminum frame. I had seen people stating that the acrylic bows and flexes overtime so I opted for the little more pricey aluminum version. (I think at the time I got it for $225~ on ebay.)

I did mod this printer right away, adding a few fans, z axis extensions and such but all in all it is still very much the same printer. So lets talk about the build. As stated, this is the 2020 aluminum version so that is what the frame is made out of, which means it is extremely solid. Once again, it is EXTREMELY SOLID.

The printer has a 200mm x 200mm x 150mm build area, but with a tiny printed attachment you can easily pinch some where around 180mm on the height. It also includes a heated bed platform so you can print ABS as well as other filaments that require the heated bed. You will have to order the glass for the bed separately! I got mine on amazon for something like $10.

The extruder is a pretty standard direct drive extruder, but it works actually very well. I have yet to upgrade the extruder on this machine because the quality I am getting is great. For the electronics it is using the fairly common ramps/arduino setup which works and makes swapping extremely easy if needed.


Right away, this printer is amazing. For the price the quality is unbeatable. To anyone who is looking for a DIY kit printer this is the one I recommend. To get an aluminum frame, that build area, and the quality is puts out there is not much more to ask for.

On top of that, since this is a popular kit, there is a ton of mods and upgrades made specifically for this machine allowing you to make it even better than it already is. Of course since it is a prusa style, there are numerous mods out there that will be cross compatible with Folgertech’s version of the machine.

This is my workhorse and my daily printer. I have probably printed well over 500 hours on this machine and it keeps on putting out amazing quality prints time and time again!


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