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In the couple of years I have been in the hobby of 3d printing, it has come a very long ways. When I bought my first 3d Printer a little over two years ago for $500 dollars that was a steal. Now you can find 3d printer kits for sub $200 that with a little bit of work can print as well as some much more expensive printers on the market.

The MonoPrice Maker Select Mini 3d printer is a $200 dollar 3d Printer that was introduced mid 2016. What made this printer so special was that not only was it $200 and came pre-assembled and ready to print, but it also printed extremely well. I have had my eyes on this printer since I first saw it and had debating buying it multiple times but always talked myself out of it.






















This last week, I finally took the leap, and wow am I happy I did. I am lucky enough to live driving distance from MonoPrice out here in California so Wednesday of last week I ordered it and just a few hours late ran down to their Will Call to pick it up. I raced home unboxed the printer and right away was impressed by how solid and well built the thing felt.

It really is in my opinion a good looking printer, I mean damn is it clean! I skimmed through the instructions and a few minutes later had it powered on. Leveling was the bed was extremely easy using their supplied hex key and within 10 minutes I was printing the sample cat file that was included on the microsd card that came with the machine.


It was a long print at 0.1 layer high, somewhere in the 2.5 hour range. I ended up napping will it was printing (do not recommend sleeping during a print until the machine has been used awhile for safety/fire) and when I awoke I was shocked. This $200 printer printed as good as any printer I own even the more expensive ones as well as the modified ones.

Since last Wednesday I have printed probably 40 hours worth on it (no joke). It is amazing, the quality is killer. Now, I cannot say it is a perfect machine, and I must state their are a few things that I need to get dialed in. The first is that the z rods are not completely solid making the x-axis vibrate which is a bit noisy (there is a fix for this that can be printed, there is quite an amazing community that have made some awesome mods to this printer! Facebook Page Here)

The other issue I am having is in one design I print and sell, it needs to be very strong and when I am printing it on this machine and test it for strength I am able to snap it which on my other machines there is no way I could snap it. This is more than likely a temperature or speed issue that I will have to play with. Finally, this machine is no speed demon but honestly the 3d printing process is not a very fast one and it does not bug me much at all.


Those little things aside and to me this printer is one I would recommend to anyone. Someone looking to get into 3d printing or someone looking to add one to their existing printers. For what you are getting its a steal! I will probably end up picking up a second one in the following months to give this one a friend.

For those that want a highlight of its features to me this is it:

-PLA/ABS compatible printing (included hot bed)

-Easy Leveling

-LCD Screen

-Micro SD Card Slot For Untethered Printing

-Impressive Quality

-No Building Required

We will also summarize the cons:

-Small build area 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″ (Not that small to be fair and their is a mod to upgrade)

-No Open Source (you cannot modify the firmware like you can with marlin/repetier)

-Slow Print Speeds 50mm/s Max

-Noisy Axis Vibrating (easily fixable)


I honestly love this printer and know that it is really a killer printer, MonoPrice nailed it with the Maker Select Mini 3d Printer.

For those who have one comment your experience below!

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