XYZ’s DaVinci 1.0 3d Printer Review

Oh the DaVinci, my prized possession that got me into all of this. It is weird reviewing this via a post since I actually have reviewed it already on my channel:


Lets get into it! Im going to review it for what it is and my opinions definitely have shifted a bit just due to the number of comparable printers that are now available that where not available when I picked it up two years ago. For starters, the price. I have seen this machine as high as $500 and as low as $250-350 on sale which is in the range of entry to low mid level 3d printers.

The build quality on the machine is good, it is a solid cube, that does take up a lot of desk or shelf space so be warned! One good thing about its cube size and enclosure is that it can print ABS very well. Its build area is a respectable 200mm x 200mm x 200mm which is pretty standard for a lot of machines and is a fair size.


It comes with a heated bed, and is a CoreXY printer meaning the bed lifts up and down while the extruder goes left and right as well as front to back. I personally like these CoreXY style machines a lot as they are solid and the bed is not moving back and forth but instead very slowly dropping downwards as the print progresses.


The software on the other hand, is the biggest turn off of the machine. It uses cartridges of filament meaning that you will have to pay extra to use only the material that they allow. (there is a more expensive model now that got rid of this) Also there are methods around this but we are talking strait out of the box review.

Also on the computers end you have to use their software “XYZWare” which was pretty lacking in features and buggy when it came to use for me. I personally know a lot of people who have had problems with this machine and mine was no exception. I got a temperature error that took a ton of work to get fixed. The customer support was also not great, with pretty slow response times and not much help.


At the time I would have said still if you are looking for a complete printer this was not a bad option. However, with so many other great machines like the MonoPrice Maker Mini, or even the Fabricator Mini. I really have a hard time recommending this machine to a beginner. If you can find it on sale and are willing to take the risk then it may be worth it but otherwise I would go with an alternative.

Side note, for advanced users that want to convert the machine over to a ramps arduino combo setup then this machine on sale is a pretty solid deal to have a CoreXY machine and at point it will be unlocked! They do have other models like the jr, the 2.0 as well as a few others so perhaps they stepped there game up from this original machine that wanted to hang with the big boys but just fell short.


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