We Are Back! It Has Been A Long 4-5 Months

Back in late August and early September of 2017 I had an issue with a switch I made in hosting which cause the server hosting this whole website to be completely wiped clean. I was pretty discouraged and thought that I had lost all of the posts, guides and photos. This site had been a fun way for me to express more details and information that I could not fit into my videos along with to help archive things for multi video guides. This was terrible because I had many videos linking to files that required you to access 3dprintlove.com in order to obtain the files.

Well fast forward some months and I got busy with school and life but I had recently been thinking about the site and then I remembered that I had made a few backups somewhere on one of my Google accounts! It took some serious time to track down where the files where and what I had named them along with some more hickups I ran into with both hosting and wordpress but as far as I can tell I got all of my old posts, photos, and well everything back online. I am extremely overjoyed and have a TON of catching up to do. Guides, videos to archive, more printers to review along with fun projects that I have been working on.

I just wanted to formally welcome everyone back :). I am looking forward to seeing everyone around and I know 2018 will have some awesome changes and addons to the site!


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